About Our Home

Welcome to Otunga House, your home away from home for Adult Foster Care in Bend, Oregon.
Why do we call our home "Otunga House?”

Otunga House is named after Maurice Michael Cardinal Otunga (1923-2003), the first Roman Catholic cardinal of Kenya. The word “Otunga” refers to a wooden staff the elderly lean on for support, a divine detail that holds great meaning for us. Throughout his life Cardinal Otunga was the epitome of loving devotion to others, regardless of their of their religious affiliation.

It is said that "Otunga was not like other people. When playing with children, he never fought with any of them, but simply enjoyed being with his friends. Even if you beat or insulted him, he would never lay his hands on you.”

Cardinal Otunga committed his life to God. He was a man of deep caring and concern for others, leaving a legacy of extraordinary humility and compassion.

For the Sisters of Mary of Kakamega (Kenya), Cardinal Otunga was not only a dear friend, he was also their inspiration. It’s with that spirit of love and service that they came to Bend five years ago on a mission to serve the elderly and others unable to live by themselves.

Our Adult Foster Care Home is a manifestation of their devotion.

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Maurice Michael Cardinal Otunga

“Elderly people are very special. They have lived their lives and have given so much to the world. They should be able to receive that same amount of joy and love in our home. We are here to continue nurturing their lives. We want our residents to be happy.”
Sister Sabina

“Each nun wears a silver medallion. On the front is a crucifix. On the back are the words ‘To Love and Serve.’ They live to do this work and our residents give them the opportunity to pour out all the love they wish to share.”
Charles Kollerer
Treasurer of Caring Nuns, LLC

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The Sisters of the Otunga House in Bend.